WFTU Trade Union International Public Service & Allied (TUI-PS&A) Message of Solidarity with workers and people of Sudan

WFTU Trade Union International Public Service & Allied (TUI-PS&A) Message of Solidarity with workers and people of Sudan

Tuesday May 09, 2023

The World Federation of Trade Unions [WFTU] Trade Union International Public Services and Allied [TUI PS & A] joins millions of workers and progressive organisations around the world in pledging solidarity with workers and peoples of Sudan whose lives have been turned upside down due to the war waged on them through military clashes between the Rapid Support Forces (Janjaweed) and Sudanese Army led by the Generals since the 15th of April 2023.

The peoples of Sudan, the workers including the poor, elderly, women and children have had their homes, hospitals, marketplaces, places of worship destroyed and turned into battle fields by warlords supported by the hungry industrial military complex of the western countries who continue to supply arms to both sides of the conflict. The conflict has so far created a massive humanitarian crisis and converted thousands of people into overnight refugees and homelessness.

This conflict has also left thousands of workers unemployed due to the closing of workplaces, factories, schools, ports transport system in the country. There is also a looming of food and medical supplies due to these being cut off due to fear of war.

The people of Sudan do not need imperialist wars in their country, they need peace, in order to deal with the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating impact on jobs, health and the economies of their people. We therefore condemn these unwarranted attacks on people and workers of Sudan.

We call upon all our members around the world to continue pledging solidarity with workers and peoples of Sudan during these difficult times. We further call on the UN and AU to intervene and condemn these actions in Khartoum and save lives.


Issued by Zola Saphetha: General Secretary (WFTU-TUI-PS&A)
Media Enquiries: Clever Banganayi (Information & Publicity) 0721426625

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