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NEHAWU Provident Fund

NEHAWU Provident Fund

The NEHAWU National Provident Fund is a Defined Contribution (DC) fund with defined employer and employee contributions. The Fund provides retirement, withdrawal, death, funeral and disability benefits to members, and their dependants. The Fund is registered as a privately administered provident fund in terms of the Pension Funds Act of 1956 and approved as a provident fund in terms of the Income Tax Act of 1962.

The Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board had established the following subcommittees: Administration, Audit and Complaints Committee, Investment, Actuarial and Communication Committee, and Risk (Death and Disability Benefits) Committee,The Subcommittees report to the Board on these matters.

The Board of Trustees comprises the following:
  • Five Trustees appointed by Nehawu, the Union;
  • Two Trustees elected by members ;
  • Four Trustees appointed by participating employers
  • Two Independed Trustees elected by the Board.

NEHAWU Investment Holdings

NEHAWU Investment Holdings

NEHAWU Investment Holdings (NIH) serves as the investment firm for the largest public sector union, the National Education Health and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU), established by the Tshedza Trust as its sole shareholder. NIH in preserving the strategic character of its shareholder is embarking upon The Higher Ambition, which is to engage in seismic and transformative transactions as a purveyor of capital and to establish the Akwande Generation.

NIH is an immense investment platform that will continue to grow as a powerful economic entity in South Africa. Our commitment to building an organisation that will set a benchmark in South Africa as both a formidable strategic partner that build drive economic growth and an organisation dedicated to the aims of the Tshedza Trust will create a South African revolutionary organisation.


NEHAWU Savings and Credit Co-op (NEHAWU SACCO) is a non-profit financial cooperative that is member owned and member controlled. NEHAWU SACCO was formed with the purpose of providing sustainable banking and other related services to its members at reasonable costs.

Please see below our list of savings products and services:
  • Regular Savings
  • X-Mas Savings Account
  • Group Savings Account
  • Fixed Term Account
  • Education Savings Account

Tshedza trust

Tshedza Trust

The Tshedza Trust was established in 1997 as the ownership and governance vehicle for NEHAWU’s investment activities, primarily realised through the NEHAWU Investment Company – now NEHAWU Investment Holdings (NIH). The Trust was re-constituted in 2008 with a services and investment oriented mandate geared toward serving the interests of a broader sector of South African society through the National Education Health and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU).

NEHAWU, the beneficiary of the Tshedza Trust, is one of the largest COSATU Unions (Congress of South African Trade Unions) with a base membership of two hundred and forty thousand members – 240 000, as accredited at the 2009 COSATU Congress. With slightly over 50% of NEHAWU’s members being black females – Tshedza Trust is classified as a broad based black economic partner.

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