National Office Bearers Of NEHAWU

Comrade Mzwandile Makwayiba - President of NEHAWU and WFTU

The President Of NEHAWU Mzwandile Makwayiba Mzwandile Makwayiba was born in the Ntlangaza village in the Eastern Cape. He became a migrant worker at an apple farm in Grabouw in the Western Cape. This is where his love for politics and the struggle began. In 1990, he Joined the Green Point-Somerset Hospital in the Cape as a cleaner.

He joined the Health Workers Union (a Cape Town based union then) and was soon elected deputy chairperson of the shop stewards committee later that year. He constantly campaigned for worker rights and this led to him being elected the deputy president of the Health Workers Union in 1992. Later that year, Health Workers Union supported NEHAWU during a major public service strike. After the integration of HWU into NEHAWU in 1993, he became the Deputy Regional Chairperson of NEHAWU Western Cape.

He was elected chairperson of NEHAWU Cape Town Branch in 1993 up to 1996. He became the Provincial Chairperson of NEHAWU in Western Cape in 1997. During his time as Western Cape Provincial Chairperson, he also served as the Regional Chairperson of COSATU in the Western Cape. He was also elected into the PEC of the SACP in the Western Cape.

He was elected as the NEHAWU’s 2nd Deputy President in June 2004 and again in 2007. He was elected as the NEHAWU President in 2010 and re-elected in the same position at the union’s 10th National Congress in 2013. Cde Makwayiba is also a board member of Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA)

In October 2016 at the 17th WFTU World Congress held in Durban, Comrade Makwayiba was elected as President of the World Federation of Trade Unions {WFTU}.

At the NEHAWU 11th National Congress held in June 2017, he was re-elected as the President.

Comrade Mike Shingange - First Deputy President Of NEHAWU

The First Deputy President Of NEHAWU Cde Mike Shingange joined the union as a shopsteward in 1995. In the same year, he was elected chairperson of the Goya branch, a position he held until he was transferred to the Petersburg branch of Public Health.

From 1999-2001, he served as secretary of the Groothoek Hospital branch, he was then elected chairperson and served in this position until 2003. Later that year, Cde Shingange joined the Vanvelden Hospital where he was made the acting secretary, then chairperson.

He served at this branch until 2006 when he was elected the regional deputy chairperson of the lowveld region. In 2008, he was elected provincial deputy chairperson of Limpopo. In 2011, he elected to serve as the provincial chairperson.

At NEHAWU’s Special National Congress in June 2014, Cde Shingange was elected as the first deputy president. During his tenure as Limpopo’s provincial chairperson, Cde Shingange served on a number of bargaining chambers mostly the General Public Service Sectoral Bargaining Council where he is the vice chairperson of labour. He was also a PEC member of the SACP between 2011and 2012 during the rebuilding process.

At NEHAWU’s Special National Congress in June 2014, Cde Shingange was elected as the first deputy president.

At the NEHAWU 11th National Congress held in June 2017, he was re-elected as the 1st Deputy President.

Comrade Nyameka Macanda - Second Deputy President Of NEHAWU

The Second Deputy President Of NEHAWU Nyameka Macanda

She started as a NEHAWU shopsteward from the Department of Health in Bisho Hospital branch in the Eastern Cape in 1998 -2004. She was appointed to be a Acting Regional Treasurer of Max Madlingozi region up until she was elected as the Regional Treasurer from 2005 to 2009

She served the union until she was then appointed as the Acting Eastern Cape Provincial Treasurer in 2009. During the10th Provincial Congress of 2011 she was elected as the Provincial Treasurer. She served the union for the period of three years and she was elected to be the 2nd Deputy President in the Special National Congress which was held on the 06 June 2014.

She started her activism with the African National Congress by participating in the Health Substructure at Leon Meyer branch (ward 43) in Bisho.

She is currently appointed to sit at Public Service International (PSI) an international federation under which NEHAWU is affiliated. She also acts on different boards, NEHAWU Investment Holdings and Public Service Sector Education and Training Authority (PSETA) serving in different boards committees.

She did the Higher Certificate in Economic Development from the University of Western Cape from 2006 - 2009.

At the NEHAWU 11th National Congress held in June 2017, she was re-elected as the 2nd Deputy President.

Comrade Kgomotso Makhupola - National Treasurer Of NEHAWU

THE National Treasurer Of NEHAWU Kgomotso Mkhupola Kgomotso Makhupola joined NEHAWU in 1998 when she commenced work at Tara Hospital as a Typist. In the same year, she was elected as the Branch Treasurer. Her commitment to the worker demands saw her being elected as the Branch Chairperson in the next Branch Congress. At that point, she became the Greater Johannesburg REC delegate.

Her fierce outspokenness as a shopsteward earned her the respect and confidence of her fellow comrades in the REC. She was then elected as the Acting Regional Treasurer in 2004. In 2006, in the GJHB 2nd Regional Congress, She was elected as the Regional Secretary.

She held this position until her election as the National Treasurer in June 2014. Her leadership capacity can be traced on how well she managed the sophisticated, dynamic and challenging GJHB Region. Under her stewardship, the Region increased its membership, had programs in line with the CEC P.O.A, united the broadest section of branches and inculcated a culture of professionalism and hard work amongst staff members. As a Gauteng PEC delegate, she contributed to the unity of the NEHAWU in the Province. The re-naming of the GJHB Region remains one of the highlights of her tenure as the Regional Secretary.

As the Regional Secretary, she was known of consistently delivering comprehensive, well-written and high-quality Organizational Reports to the RECs. As an activist, having grown up in Orlando, her revolutionary working-class posture was shaped in struggle in the late 80's. She is currently serving as the ANC Chief Makana Branch Treasurer. She is a member of the SACP in Linda Jabane District.

Since her appointment as a public servant, she has pursued an illustrious academic career, and improved her worth as a worker. She has a Diploma in Public Relations (Allenby), Certificate in Human Resources Management (Damelin), Advanced Computer Literacy Certificate (Pretoria University) and Telephone and Reception Skills (Rosebank College).

She is a product of the NEHAWU-sponsored Women Leadership Course. It is from this programme that she attained the Certificate in Economic Development from the University of the Western Cape.

At the NEHAWU 11th National Congress held in June 2017, she was re-elected as the National Treasurer.

Comrade Zola Saphetha - General Secretary Of NEHAWU

The General Secretary Of NEHAWU Zola Saphetha He became active in politics from a young age, when he was involved in Congress of South Africa Students {COSAS}, where he led COSAS at School until he led the Province of the Eastern Cape as a Chairperson. After graduating from COSAS, when he arrived at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University formerly known as Port Elizabeth Technikon College Campus, he joined SASCO. A year later, he served in SASCO as the Regional Chairperson of Port Elizabeth region and year later got elected as the Eastern Cape Provincial Secretary of SASCO. His activism in SASCO saw him being elected to serve in the SRC as Deputy President and later acted as the President of the Port Elizabeth Technikon and served for two terms as the Secretary General of the South African Techinkon Student Union (SATSU). At the time, he served as a council member of the Port Elizabeth and Council of Higher Education Transformation Advisory Board and as a National Coordinator of the merged National Student Unions, namely: South African Student SRC (SAU and SATSU) into Student Federation which culminated to the establishment of South African Union of Students as currently known SAUS.

Due to his activism he got elected as the ANC Political Commissar of Pankie Dobo during the period of 1990 to 1994 and got elected in the ANCYL KwaZakhele Zonal and Regional Executive Committee in PE respectively. In the same period, he got elected as the Regional Deputy Chairperson of the National Education Coordinating Committee (NECC). Comrade Zola’s activism in student and youth politics developed a passion within him on building an alternative education system model towards the transformation of higher education landscape in the country, which would be centred on People's Education for People's Power.

On his first employment, he joined the National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU) and was elected as a shop steward and later co-opted into the branch executive committee. After the merger of two the Universities (University of Natal and Durban Westville) in 2004, he was elected as the Branch Chairperson of the Durban Westiville branch which is the main campus of the University. His activism at UKZN in NEHAWU saw him serve in different committees of the union in the province of KwaZulu-Natal province and that saw him being elected to serve as the Provincial Chairperson of KZN in July 2008.

Whilst being the Chairperson of KZN, after the departure of the then Provincial Secretary who is currently the ANC Provincial Secretary of KZN, he was then entrusted with the responsibility of being the Acting Provincial Secretary after the position was vacant in the same year, November 2008. He accepted the responsibility as a disciplined comrade of the union, and acted as Provincial Secretary until he got elected in the position at the Provincial Congress that was held in March 2012. He held that position of Provincial Secretary of KZN until the NEHAWU Special National Congress held in June 2014, where he was elected as the Deputy General Secretary.

At the 11th National Congress held in June 2017, he was elected as the General Secretary.

Comrade December Mavuso - Deputy General Secretary of NEHAWU

The Deputy General Secretary Of NEHAWU December Mavuso

Comrade December Mavuso has served in the National Union {NEHAWU} for over 15 years and occupied various roles in the process. In brief amongst the various roles, he was first elected as NEHAWU shopsteward in 1996 whilst working for the Department of Education in Mpumalanga.

The same year, he was elected Branch Deputy Chairperson because comrades had identified leadership qualities in him and in 1999 was appointed as Branch Organiser. Following the realignment process that saw the establishment of regions, he served as Nkangala Regional Organiser until 2003 when he was elected as Regional Secretary.

In 2006, Comrade Mavuso was appointed Acting Provincial Secretary and subsequently elected in the position in 2008. In 2011 he was deployed by the Union to the Organising and Servicing Department {OSEC} to come and assist in strengthening the organising department and helped to develop the new organising and recruitment strategy the same year.

At the 11th National Congress held in June 2017, he was elected as the Deputy General Secretary.