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Our Challenges Today
Government has called for submissions towards the NHI Green Paper by 12 October

While NEHAWU agrees to the stated principles:
Secondly, the NHI which NEHAWU advocates must be consistent with the principles of a developmental state and cannot become a profit-making scheme for the private health industry.
There are aspects of health transformation that as NEHAWU, we consider essential building blocks and must be financed by NHI to provide health services to all people of South Africa. The key non-negotiable feature is that, the fund must be publicly administered and must be the only fund that will pay for the health services that are delivered to all. This will ensure that all the collected funds are pooled and will allow for social solidarity so that high income earners and those who are wealthy can support the poor and vulnerable people such as the elderly and chronically sick. We will cover the details of the NHI in further bulletins and meetings.

NEHAWU is in COSATU for one strong workers' voice, to unite with workers from other progressive sections of our South African society. NEHAWU is the biggest Public Sector Union and the biggest in the Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council, a negotiations structure for public service employees in South Africa.

NEHAWU is based on the following core principles:
  • Worker control of the union;
  • Non-racialism;
  • Worker leadership;
  • Democratic decision making through mandates and report backs;
  • Worker solidarity: An injury to one is an injury to all!
  • International Solidarity.
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