NEHAWU Statement On The National Heath Insurance


NEHAWU Health Insurance Pledge

I hereby support the national health insurance bill [b11-2019] tabled by the national department of health in parliament. I, therefore, join nehawu in pledging and expressing my support for this bill as it will pave way for the legisaltion that seeks to enable our country, amongst others to:

  • Fulfill the mandate of the founding law of our land, the constitution, which establishes the fundamental right for all to have access to quality healthcare;
  • To create the NHI fund in order to provide all citizens with protection from unexpected and catastrophic financial risks at the time when they require necessary high quality medical care;
  • Ensure that there is sustained national solidarity and cohesion towards the creation of a system whereby those who are wealthy, healthy and young would support those who are poor, ill and aged to have access to high quality healthcare;
  • Ensure that high quality healthcare is available to all at the point of service without any barriers;
  • To create a unitary health system, integrating both public and private healthcare segments so that the combined resources would be used efficiently and effectively to address the desperate health needs of our country;
  • To place the country on a positive trajectory and practicla position to deliver on the longstanding mandate and promise of a universal health coverage; and,
  • To move the country away from a health care system that is commodified and, therefore, made accessible only to a few who can afford it towars a healthcare that is not only a service to all but also a right that is readily accesible by all citizens regardless of their race, class, gender, creed or religion.

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