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NEHAWU Mpumalanga Provincial Executive Committee statement

Tuesday June 19, 2018

The National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union [NEHAWU] in the Mpumalanga province convened its Provincial Executive Committee [PEC] meeting on the 14th – 15th June 2018 in Mbombela. The meeting deliberated on the work of the union and implementation of our program of action as mandated by the six months work plan, CEC and 10th Provincial Congress.

International situation

The PEC assessed and discussed international developments especially, the US-North Korea summit, the recent Presidential election in Venezuela, and the situation in both Palestine and Swaziland as priority countries. The meeting was impressed with the work of the union on the international front especially the two big successful marches in solidarity with the people of Palestine and the call for the release of Amos Mbhedzi. The PEC resolved to intensify its solidarity work with the people of Palestine and the release of Cde Amos Mbedzi. The meeting further resolved that there is as a need to persuade all MDM formations to pressurize the Swaziland government and to ensure that Cde Amos Mbedzi is released as soon as possible. The PEC further welcomed the meeting which took place between the US and North Korean President as part of managing the tensions between the two countries. We salute and congratulate the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for winning the elections overwhelmingly against the imperialist forces.

Political Situation and ideological work

The PEC noted that the whole movement is very weak on the ground. The branches of the MDM formations and the alliance are not strong enough ideologically, and the membership lacks political direction. The meeting noted that factionalism and patronage continues to define our political spectrum and our movements are under serious attack from reactionary forces from within. The PEC applauded the improved alliance relations in the Province since the provincial alliance summit which was convened almost two years ago. We are however disturbed by the fact that there are no concrete joint political, international and socio-economic programs on the ground, and that the alliance is turned into an alliance of deployments and congresses.

The meeting noted that the ANC PGC has not yet been convened in the province to fill the vacancies in the position of the Provincial Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of the ANC since they were elected into the NEC of the ANC in December 2017. We have however noted that the non-convening of the PGC is a blessing in disguise as progressive forces in the province are in disarray and they all want to contest for the position of the Provincial Chairperson. The PEC further condemned the violence and court battles surrounding the recent ANCYL Regional Congresses, including the death of a MKMVA member in Gert Sibande who was shot during the congress. We have further noted that the divisions among the young people in all four regions are caused by some senior leaders of the ANC who have direct interests on who should emerge in those congresses. The PEC resolved to call for a joint coordinated program of political education in the alliance as part of cadre development.

Socio Economic

The PEC noted the recent ANC land summit as a progressive move going forward. The meeting also noted that unemployment is still very high in the province and that there will be no real economic transformation unless key strategic sectors are in the hands of the state such as the land, forestry and SASOL. The state of health and education in the province are in a state of paralysis and close to total collapse. The PEC views the moratorium and the non-filling of vacant post as an attack to the socio-economic rights of both the unemployed and employed workers as well as the public in general.

We have noted report presented by the Auditor General in relation to the state of our municipalities and we are in agreement that our municipalities are also collapsing as a result of lack of political leadership. We therefore call upon the ANC led government to come up with some serious interventions which will be aimed at rescuing our municipalities. There is a need to have strong leadership and consequence management in our municipalities, departments and state owned entities in the province.

The PEC also resolved to embark on a Provincial Day of Action on the 28th June 2018, whereby a memorandum incorporating issues affecting our members in the provincial administration will be delivered to the Premier of the province, including the call for the removal of the MEC for Health and the head of department. The meeting also resolved that there is a great need to convene an education and training indaba which will be aimed at addressing the challenges faced by the education and training sector.

As NEHAWU in the province, we shall revive all our health and education committees at all levels of the union. We also re-iterate our call for the removal of the MEC and HOD for health due to the collapsed health care system in the province and the removal of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Mpumalanga (UMP) who is involved in corruption and union bashing in that institution. We are going to mobilize our members at all levels to ensure that the above demands are achievable going forward.


The PEC noted that 2018 is the year of branch congresses, as part of our organizational renewal we shall continue strengthening the workplace organization by improving service to our members and prioritize issues affecting our members and workers in general. We shall also pay more attention on servicing members in smaller workplaces, such as clinics, schools, private institutions and etc. The PEC calls for the continuous convening of war rooms in all our regions and the provincial office, where continuous assessment of the branch congresses will be done and intervene where a need arises. The PEC raised its concerns about the Provincial Government task teams which the union participates in, and that we shall conduct a proper and thorough assessment on the effectiveness of our work in all the task teams. The PEC has directed all regions to convene membership meetings of SAVF and CECT, as well as the Community Health Workers where the members will be taken through with regard to the progress made in relations their absorption and the conditions of service.


The PEC noted that COSATU is going to its provincial congress in a few weeks’ time, and that some of the affiliates are not in good standing and they only pay affiliation fees towards congresses. The PEC calls for maximum unity of affiliates towards the provincial congress. We shall continue engaging other affiliates in the province in preparing for the 13th provincial congress and ensure that the federation remains, united and coherent pre and post the provincial congress, and that the relations between unions that are affiliated to WFTU is strengthened at all material times. The meeting further resolved that an Extended Provincial Commission shall be convened on the 18th -19th to prepare for both the provincial and national congress.

We appreciate the recent launch of the Red Fridays which is about going back to basics, servicing workers at the workplace and the recruitment of new members throughout the country. The congress resolution of COSATU’s affiliation to WFTU should be implemented as soon as possible and cannot be debated forever.


The PEC noted that the are many challenges confronting workers and the general public in relations to service delivery, and that some of these issues were presented to the then Premier of the province in 2016 and have not been resolved as per the commitment made by the then Premier Honorable David Mabuza. The meeting has therefor resolved to embark of a Provincial Day of Action on the 28th June 2018 where the entire provincial administration will be closed, and the union will be presenting a memorandum to the current Premier of the Province Honorable Refilwe Mthsweni.

Our demands are as follows:

• Removal of the MEC and HOD for Health
• Insourcing of Services
• Forensic Investigation on corruption in MRTT, MEGA, Department of Health, Human Settlement, Provincial Treasury and Public Works Roads and Transport
• Complete Lifting of Moratorium and filling of all vacant posts in Mpumalanga Provincial Administration,
• Full Implementation of Resolution 1 of 2012,
• Full Implementation of parity and many other issues affecting our members in general.


Issued by NEHAWU Secretariat

For more information contact: NEHAWU Mpumalanga Provincial Secretary, Cde Welcome Mnisi, at 082 455 2897
or email visit NEHAWU website

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