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NEHAWU KwaZulu-Natal Statement On The Removal Of The MEC Of Agriculture And Rural Development

Friday November 16, 2018

The National Education Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) in KwaZulu-Natal held its provincial bargaining forum meeting, on the 8th of November 2018 and deliberated on the assessment of the state of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as the challenges facing our members in particular and workers in general. We are very disturbed by the continuous failure by the department to resolve grievances by workers.

The provincial leadership noted with disgust the neoliberal ramifications that have engulfed the attitude of government towards the South African working class especially in the public service. The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Administration has been dragging its feet on filling of all funded vacant posts since time immemorial, and has been doing this unfortunate act of flirtation with overreliance on consultants who milk billions of rands from the public purse in the face of growing unemployment, inequality and poverty in our province.

The previous Provincial Executive Committee meeting and the Department of Agriculture And Rural Development Bargaining Forum meeting views this reality with utmost dismay that the department has failed dismal to fill vacant funded posts for the past few years and this compromises service delivery to the society that should receive help from the department and government in supporting emerging black farmers.

The said bargaining forum meeting of NEHAWU expressed a huge disappointment towards the snail’s pace with which the ruling ANC’s policy of radical socio-economic transformation is going. To this end we have observed the organizational paralysis of the department as it relates to taking forward the commitments we have made to the people of the Province in combating poverty and unemployment. Among the key promises made to our people, was that of relentlessly pursuit of a sustained programme that seeks to push back against capital and cushion the working class and the poor in the province. At the centre of this commitment has inevitably been our steadfast eagerness to drive an unambiguous agenda to decommodify such social needs as health and poverty eradication.

It is for the foregoing reason therefore that we are calling for the removal of the MEC for Agriculture and Rural Development. This MEC have naturally been at the centre of the paralysis that has almost completely compromised the revolution and undermined the struggle of the toiling masses. Against this background we herewith call on the Premier to remove such useless deployees as MEC Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr Themba Richard Mthembu, with immediate effect if he continue fail to address challenges facing our members.

As NEHAWU in KwaZulu-Natal, we remain extremely concerned with the continued attacks on the cost of living of the working people in the province as the situation worsens daily. The capitalists and their running dogs in our country and abroad continue to advance unabated with their unholy agenda of keeping the most exploited in the periphery, while embracing anti-majoritarian liberal offensive. Against this background we urge workers across all sectors of the economy to unite and push back vehemently against exploiters. It is for this reason that we shall be on the streets demonstrating against the victimization of our shop stewards, nepotism, alleged corruption by senior management, and mismanagement of public funds come the 28th of November 2018 along with our members, other workers and citizens who will be joining the NEHAWU KZN Provincial Day of Action against the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. We say away with those who continue to harass and victimise our members in many fronts!!!

Issued by NEHAWU KZN Secretariat
For more information contact NEHAWU Provincial Secretary,
Cde Phakama Ndunakazi, at 082 455 1823

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